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Kerin Poll's 2018 ram sale surpasses all expectations

The date was Monday, September 10, 2018, and it will be a date that the team at Kerin Poll won't forget anytime soon! We offered and sold all 400 rams to average an amazing $3025. It was an extraordinary day and we hope this video gives a little insight into the atmosphere of the day. Enjoy!

Have you viewed our 2018 8-page newsletter? 

Kerin Poll 2018 Newsletter Kerin Poll 2018 Newsletter (4697 KB)

CLICK HERE for individual videos of Lots 1-30 in our 2018 ram sale

2018 Kerin Poll: Exposed Open Day feedback video

Here is a video from our Kerin Poll: Exposed Open Day on August 24, 2018, featuring a series of interviews with people who came along for the day. Thank you to all who participated in this video...


Warren-based Henry Welsh, "Raby", describes his transition to Kerin Poll

WHEN Henry Welsh began sourcing his rams from Kerin Poll eight years ago, he was conscious of the then-raging mulesing debate and had a goal to plain up his sheep. Little did he then know just how much one sheep stud - and the stud’s principal - would influence the path of his farm business. Henry and Emma Welsh, “Raby”, Warren, join 7000 Merino ewes a year, and Henry claims his adoption of Kerin Poll has been adoption of a full “genetic package” that includes business integrity, a highly soughtafter marketing brand, a learning journey, and challenges to much more than the status quo.

2017 Ram Sale sets stud record high price at $26,000, and breaks national record - again

We were thrilled to see such a huge crowd on-hand to participate in our 8th annual on-property ram sale on Monday, September 4, 2017. There was a total clearance of 359 rams to top at $26,000 for the Lot 2 MP306 son, selling to repeat client, Adrian Newton, "Combadery", Walgett. The entire sale draft averaged $2457, with 16 new buyers. Enjoy our 2017 Sale Highlights Video...


CLICK HERE to view individual videos of all but a couple of the first 50 lots at our 2017 ram sale. 

2016 Ram Sale sends Kerin Poll into national record books

A big thank you to all buyers and underbidders who supported our 7th annual on-property ram sale on Monday, September 5, 2016. It was a truly amazing day for us, with a total clearance of all 289 rams to top at $10,000, paid twice, and average $2246. We welcome 24 new buyers to Kerin Poll and appreciate the support of the 60 registered bidders, 120-plus people in attendance, and everyone who generally supports what we're trying to achieve at Kerin Poll. Thank you! Enjoy our 2016 Sale Highlights Video...

2016 Pre-Sale Video: 'Be careful what you wish for...'

Our 7th annual on-property ram sale is just a few days away and here is an overview of what you can expect on sale day - Monday, September 5. We will be offering 290 Poll Merino rams and hope you enjoy this video showcasing our sale team as well as other footage from around the property.

2015 Sale Highlights: All 250 rams sold to top at $6600, average $1852 

Buyers travelled from Tasmania, Victoria, and in all climatic zones of NSW to ensure spirited bidding for our 6th annual ram sale line-up. Please take the time for view our 2015 Sale Highlights Video, where you will hear from three clients about their experience with Kerin Poll genetics in their flocks, and how they found our 2015 sale offering.

Please Contact Us to arrange an inspection of our 2015 Grade Rams.

Tick of approval for ease of management, two lambings in a year

Foundation client, Phil Hunter, "Minnamurra", Yeoval, is interviewed in this video about why he keeps coming back to Kerin Poll, year after year, and why he's excited about the stud's future. "The stud is staying out in front of their clients by a number of years and I know, by talking with other clients, that they're happy with the progress the stud's making as well as their own progress," Phil says.

Introducing ... new $53,000 super sire, The Kelvinator!

He's big, white, square and very cool! There's something in him for everyone. This video showcases Moorundie Park 306 - aka The Kelvinator! Kerin Poll bought this super sire in September, 2014:


Visit the Stud Sires page to learn more about The Kelvinator!




2014 Sale Highlights: all 230 rams sold to average a whopping $1978 + 17 new clients!

In just our fifth year, Kerin Poll reached new heights, offering 230 rams at its 2014 ram sale, in what was the second largest Poll Merino ram auction sale in Australia. The entire catalogue of rams was sold to a huge gallery of buyers from NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, topping at $6000 twice. We know our Sale Highlights Video below is a biggie at 10 minutes long, but please take the time to listen to the wonderful feedback from our clients...

2013 Sale Highlights: all 200 rams sold + 11 new clients!

We were rapt to see all 200 rams sold at our 4th annual Kerin Poll On-Property Ram Sale, and welcome 11 new clients to the fold. Thank you very much to all buyers and underbidders for your support - we really appreciate it!

Kerin Poll 2013 Ram Sale Preview Video

This video showcases the Autumn- and Spring-drop rams that comprise this year's 200-strong Kerin Poll ram sale team. We look forward to seeing you at our 4th on-property ram sale on Monday, September 9...

Have you seen your stud's ewe base? Check out ours...

This video provides a full presentation of Kerin Poll's unique ewe base - right from maidens and their outstanding results, through to the mature stud ewes...

2012 SALE HIGHLIGHTS: Total clearance, 12 new buyers, big grade sales

CLICK HERE to download our written 2012 sale report

Grade rams video demonstrates depth of Kerin Poll

Below is a short video showcasing our Grade Rams. We are all sold out of Grade Rams at present but more will become available later in 2013.

Pre Sale Video - 'Then and Now'

Here's a video we produced ahead of our 2012 ram sale ... 'Then and Now'. We filmed our newborn Spring-drop stud lambs in September, 2011, and we then combined this with fresh footage - 12 months on - of our 2012 sale rams. Enjoy...

Kerin Poll client, Adrian Scolari, inspects 2011-drop rams - unclassed and unlotted

Adrian visited our property on August 8, 2012, to inspect all of our Autumn and Spring 2011-drop Poll Merino rams. We started from a base of 550 and brought them back to a sale team of 150.

CLICK HERE to download our 2012 Newsletter. 

Kerin Poll client, Murray Wykes, inspects 2011-drop rams - unclassed and unlotted

Murray visited our property on August 8, 2012, to inspect all of our Autumn and Spring 2011-drop Poll Merino rams. We started from a base of 550 and have brought them back to a sale team of 150. 

CLICK HERE to download our 2012 Newsletter.

Introducing Kerin Poll's 2012 sale rams...

Below is a short video we compiled to introduce clients to Kerin Poll's Autumn- and Spring 2011-drop sale rams. This video was taken on July 26, 2012, where the Spring-drop rams were only 10-11 months old - indicating how great they looked for their age! Enjoy...

Nigel in the Sydney Morning Herald 14/7/12
with 2012 sale rams on display

Click here to read the story that went with this SMH video on July 14, 2012

And for a piece of useless trivia... the journalist behind this story/video told Nigel that this video was - up until that time - the most watched SMH video ever for the early morning timeframe, up to 9am on the day the story was published! More people visited this video about a bloke and his expensive working dog than they did the video of Osama Bin Laden's body following his death in May, 2011! We couldn't believe it, when told!

Wrinkle-free Polls a 'no-brainer' for Richard

Flystrike no longer an issue at Brewarrina

There are certain challenges that come with operating a Merino breeding operation on 10,000ha of open saltbush plains around Brewarrina/Nyngan. Listen to our client, Richard Stendell, "Ben Avon", Brewarrina, as he explains why Kerin Poll rams are a perfect fit for his operation.


Click here to DOWNLOAD our 12-page Newsletter, containing loads of interesting stories, including an in-depth piece about Richard and Dixie Stendell's Brewarrina Merino breeding operation.

To download the one page containing Richard's story only, click here

Plain-bodied sheep to get shearers' preferential treatment

Kerin Poll shearing contractor reveals a few home truths about the future of shearing

Ralph Blue, Blue Shearing Services, comes across more poorly-maintained wool sheds than enough. He often asks the grazier, "what's your oldest piece of harvesting equipment?" Invariably, the grazier points to a hay baler or header. Ralph's quick to inform them that the answer is in fact their shearing shed. 

In this video, Ralph discusses why for as far as he and his industry are concerned, plain-bodied Merinos are the only way of the future.

For Ralph Blue's written testimonial, click here.

Below is a story about the shearer shortage crisis that appeared in The Land newspaper on August 11, 2011. In this story, Wellington-based trainer/shearer, Jim Murray, says, "It would be a crying shame to see ... the industry deteriorate because we couldn't get the wool off them."

The Land: Shearers still exiting at fast clip. 11/8/11 The Land: Shearers still exiting at fast clip. 11/8/11 (1088 KB)

Pick of the Crop

Landline report after Nigel was named 2008 NSW Farmer of the Year

Report by Sean Murphy. For full transcript, visit the ABCTV Landline website.

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